Brazilian Tech® Keratin Kurl
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Brazilian Tech® Keratin Kurl Moisturizing Conditioner

Model Number: BTKKC8

Formulated to give hair moisture, nourishment, and shine, this high-performance professional conditioner helps to restore natural keratin that may have been lost or damaged during daily styling and chemical or color treatments. Its anti-frizz and anti-static agents help keep curls defined and full of movement. The hydrating properties restore vibrancy and elasticity. Perfect for daily use. 

  • High-performance conditioner that replenishes moisture levels, instantly nourishing dull, weak hair, allowing curls to maintain definition
  • Anti-frizz and anti-static properties help curls maintain texture and movement
  • Keratin helps protect hair from structural damage, strengthens and revitalizes stressed hair
  • Improves texture and condition, helps maintain the hair’s elasticity
  • Reparative and hydrating properties restore vibrancy to the hair, enhancing shine and smoothness
  • For daily use
BTKKC8 - 8.5 oz.